Built Heritage Conservation Training Centre
Bánffy-castle Bontida

The history of Bánffy Castle from Bonţida

The Bánffy Castle, Bonţida had been added to and altered since the 16th century, and was finally completed in the 19th century. The most outstanding construction periods were the Renaissance and Baroque ones. It was unfortunately seriously damaged by the retreating German troops, destroying its furniture, library, and portrait collection in September 1944.
The only evidence of its former interiors are the archive photographs. The consequences of the nationalization and the inadequate use of the buildings, as well as the lack of maintenance accelerated their degradation.

Built heritage is more than just old houses, castles, churches, museums – it is “living” evidence of our past, culture, craftsmanship, history, lifestyle, etc. This heritage was left to us as a legacy by our ancestors, to at least maintain, and to hand over to the next generations. 
Historic buildings need care and attention, but they offer benefits in return – they add value to our life in so many ways.

Conference facilities

A spacious conference room and also additional meeting rooms, kitchen and dining facilities, accommodation facilities including a nuptial apartment, a cultural café.